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Documents : Minutes 2011

Sport Stockport

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 12th May 2011

In the Chair: Brenda Hopkins

1. Members in attendance:

Eddie Crabtree Stockport F.A.
Brian Whalley Stockport RUFC and Hazel Grove CC
Ron Linton Stockport Trampoline and DMT Club
Jeff Shaw Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club & Secretary Sport Stockport
Chris Waker Heaton Moor Hockey Club
Jim Bennison Stockport Basketball
Brenda Hopkins Chair Sport Stockport
Julie Higham Stockport 2006 Cycle Speeedway Club
Mark Lockyear Stockport County Ladies FC
Ian Burnett Manchester Harriers Athletic Club
Laura Murphy SMBC
Julie Healey Stockport School of Gymnastics
Malcolm Rowbotham Hazel Grove Cricket Club
Ken Clough Offerton Cricket Club
David Hulme Stockport Table Tennis Club
Jim Court Stockport Community Cycling Club
Freda Freeman Stockport Badminton League
Ray Phillips Bramhall Queensgate Tennis Club
Peter Aiton Stockport Lacrosse Club

2. Apologies:

Peter Howarth Sport Stockport
Gavin Roberts Stockport Sports Trust
Frank Norris Bramhall Cricket Club
Laura Mylotte Stockport Sports Trust
Tony Bryning Stockport Bowls Development Group
Mike Healey Stockport School of Gymnastics
Mike Smith Stockport County
Ian Hawksworth Marple Rugby Union Football Club
Marie Thornton Stockport Basketball Club
Doreen Schofield Sport Stockport
Anne Steele Brabyns Tennis Club
Mike Ratcliffe Bramhall Lane Lawn Tennis Club
Yvonne Spurrell Sport Stockport
Andrea Boulton Stockport Hockey Development Group
Mandy Anderson Queensgate Football Club

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 27th May 2010 were taken as read and were approved.

4. Chair's Remarks:

These will be my last opening remarks as I do not intend to stand for Chair this year.

Whilst it's  good to reflect back over the last twelve months, I hope you will indulge me on this occasion, if I take you back to May 2006 when I first became Chair of this Group. To follow in the footsteps of Peter Howarth was in itself a daunting task and whilst I shadowed him for some years previously as Vice Chair, nothing really prepares you for the day when you are leading a group of people of equalt standing and capability.

Over the last five years I have steered this Group through many changes and events, but there are three that stand out as being so significant as to shape the future of this Group. In May 2007 we proposed a name change from Stockport Sports Council to Sport Stockport. The main thrust behind this change was to firmly identify the Group as an independent body representing amateur sports clubs and volunteers in Stockport and not, what some people thought, an extension of the Local Authority. We thought if it's good enough for England it's good enough for Stockport and so Sport Stockport was born.

As a Group we then began working on a website to support this new image. It took some time to bring to fruition but in 2009 we launched the Sport Stockpoprt website on Today we have over 110 clubs registered and receiving all the benefits of membership including access to high quality coach education, funding, coach bursaries etc. The website hosts news events and is the place to review the work of our Group via the published minutes.

With the advent of Malcolm McPhail as the new CEO of Stockport Sports Trust in April 2007 and the move to the Trust of Sports Development in April 2009, I and my colleagues questionned our existence. The answer came back loud and clear from Malcolm and his colleagues - We need you! You are fundamental in delivering initiatives to the voluntary sporting community of Stockport. At no time during our various meetings did the Trust express anything but respect and genuine appreciation for the work that Sport Stockport had done over the decades. The Trust were keen to enhance our work and support us in continuing to develop, to improve our profile and to become the natural place for sports clubs to approach for help and support. The commitment that the Trust made to Sport Stockport in assisting us to achieve all this came in the formm of our new Sport Stockport Partnership Manager, Ian Dixon. Ian joined our Group in January 2010 and his enthusiasm, professionalism and determination coupled with the financial support from the Trust, has made it possible to provide a whole host of courses, support with projects, guidance in achieving Club Accreditation etc.

I feel that Sport Stockport has experienced a rebirth over the last five years and has now started the journey into adulthood. We are rather hoping to miss out the angst ridden teenage years. The Group is in good shape and I know that the new Chair will have as much fun as I have had in leading a bunch of dedicated sports enthusiasts into a strong and purposeful future.

Whilst I may have been the Chair of Sport Stockport, the Group only functions because 11 people give of their precious time, consistently and unstintingly. To my colleagues a huge thank you.

It would be remiss of me not to mention our Annual Dinner, the shindig that brings our sports performers, coaches, administrators and supporters together. Last year's event embraced the Stockport Sports Awards, which then fed into the Greater Manchester Sports Awards in November. This year we will be hosting our Dinner in late September to bring it more in line with the Greater Manchester Sports Awards and therby give our winners a better chance of picking up another gong.

We have two extremely interesting presentations to come, one from Ian Dixon who can illustrate all the initiatives that this year has generated and Laura Murphy to talk to us about the 2012 Olympic Legacy.

Thank you for being here, thank you for supporting Sport Stockport now and into the future, so in the words of Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear 'To infinity and beyond'

Brenda Hopkins - Chair Sport Stockport       

5. Secretary's Report:

Notification for the AGM was this year done electronically by email primarily to reduce printing and postage costs but also to make the administrative task easier. Due to a few teething troubles with the emailer on the website some of you may have got several copies of the email and attachments for which I apologise but better two or more copies than none.

The website continues to undergo development thanks to the support from the team at Salford University . There are currently 157 clubs registered on the website whose details are accessible by the public by searching under either sports category or geographical area of the borough. Clubs continue to send in news items and I encourage you to do so if you have something to celebrate or promote.

The close links with Stockport Sports Trust and the benefits of the services provided by our very own dedicated Sport Stockport Partnership Manager, Ian Dixon, has enabled Sport Stockport to distribute more grants to clubs and support individuals attending CPD courses than ever before. Ian will give more details on these initiatives later and also outline proposals for the forthcoming year.

Some 12 months ago Stockport Sports Trust developed its Community Partnership Plan which contained 10 outcomes. Working parties have continued to develop this project during the last year and our particular involvement has been concentrated on Outcome 6 entitled ‘A thriving voluntary sector sports infrastructure'

This outcome contains three main objectives

•  Improve the quality and provision of local clubs

•  Raise the profile of clubs

•  Increase the quantity of clubs and activities catered for

Sport Stockport is also represented on the Active Stockport Alliance and the Stockport Partnership which is planning to hold a Forum on the evening of Tuesday 19 th July at Edgeley Park whose theme will be ‘Shaping Stockport – Our Olympic Hopes and Heritage'. Laura Murphy, Stockport 's Olympic Legacy Officer, will give some details of this event later. However full details will be forwarded to all clubs registered on the Sport Stockport website in due course.

The Sport Stockport Awards Dinner will this year be held at the Cheshire Conference and Events Centre, Edgeley Park . The date will be either Friday 23rd September or Friday 30th September dependent upon which date is clear of a home game. This shift in date from spring to the autumn is to better align the Stockport Awards with those for Greater Manchester as previously mentioned by Brenda. Please make a note in your diary we hope to see you there.

During the year the Sport Stockport General Purposes Sub Committee has met on a monthly cycle and I am pleased to recognise and acknowledge the efforts put in on a voluntary basis by its members. My particular thanks go to our Chairman Brenda for her leadership and encouragement during this embryonic period of development.

In closing I am sure that you will wish to join me in thanking Brenda for her efforts over the last 5 years and hope that even though she is standing down from the Chair that she will continue to support us for some years to come.

Jeff Shaw - Secretary Sport Stockport

6. Treasurer's Report

This has been the first year of working very closely with Stockport Sports Trust, where we have made decisions about applications to the Stockport Club Development Fund, resources for which have been provided by the Trust.

Ian Dixon will give a more detailed report on both this and the coaching courses that have been attended by Stockport people later, so I won't steal his thunder.

The financial activities undertaken by Sport Stockport this year have related to supporting the website, paying for trophies for the annual Bowls Festival, stationery and postage, and to the Annual Dinner.

The Annual Dinner this year (2010) ran again at a slight loss, funded from the small reserves that we have. As in 2010 the 2011 Sport Stockport and the Sports Trusts' Annual Awards will be a single event, which will take place in the Autumn.

Overall we remain financially sound. The transfer of Sports Development to the Sports Trust lead to changes in the arrangements for development funding for amateur sport in Stockport , and the payment of Club Development Fund grants will be administered, as this year, through the Sports Trust, based on the recommendations of the Sport Stockport. The good news is that – certainly for the year 2011/2012 – the amount made available to us and so to clubs has increased again. One of the requirements to qualify for these funds is to be affiliated to Sport Stockport: last year, as the inaugural year of the Development Fund and our closer working with the Trust, affiliation was free to all. For 2011/12, we have set the fee at £10.00, which we think is reasonable, to cover our administrative costs – stationery, website etc. In addition to the Club Development Fund – and to ensure we make the best positive use of the resources we have, we are planning to launch a scheme to support individual athletes, based around the funds that we already have, supplemented by an element of affiliation fees (if all 150 clubs affiliate!), and hopefully bolstered by some additional Sports Trust funding. Ian will also say more about this development later.

Finally, I would like thank Denis Lowe for again auditing the accounts in a very speedy and timely manner. I am grateful to him for completing the task swiftly, and would like to ask you all to show your appreciation to him for this. He also asked me to say that he is willing to continue to do so for another year. Thank you, Denis.

Chris Waker - Treasurer Sport Stockport

7. Election of Officers

Nominations received for the various positions on the Committees were voted on and the following were duly elected
President B Peter Howarth
Chair No nomination
Vice Chair Brian Whalley
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
Auditor Dennis Lowe
General Purposes Sub Committee
Chair Brian Whalley
Vice Chair No nomination
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
Yvonne Spurrell
Doreen Schofield
Ron Linton
Eddie Crabtree
Lawrence Marsland
Ian Burnett
Jim Bennison
Partnership Manager Ian Dixon

Additional General Purposes Sub-Committee Members co-opted on the evening were Julie Higham, Ken Clough and David Hulme.

8. Constitution

No proposals were made to revise  the Constitution.

Financial Appendices

Sport Stockport
Receipts and Payments (Summary) 2010/2011
Starting Balance Expenditure Income Year End Balance
General Administration A £494.27 £315.29 £1.99 £180.97
Cash in Hand B £8.24 £0.00 £0.00 £8.24
Grants C £1,679.97 £35.00 £24.05 £1,669.02
Dinner D £554.75 £3,341.38 £3,064.07 £277.44
Awards for All E £528.79 £0.00 £2.12 £530.91
National Savings F £3,228.19 £0.00 £6.46 £3,234.65
Total £8,494.21 £3,691.67 £3,098.69 £5,901.23

Sport Stockport
Receipts and Payments (General Accouint) 2010/2011
Balance brought forward £494.27
Building Society Interest £1.99
Total Income c/fwd £496.26
AGM Refreshments/Room Hire Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis Club £100
Bowls Festival Trophies
Website Maintenance £187.95
Stationery and Postage £27.30
Building Society Balance c/fwd £496.26
Cash in Hand b/fwd £8.24
Stamps £0.00
Cash in Hand c/fwd £8.24

Sport Stockport
Receipts and Payments (Grant Aid) 2010/2011
Balance brought forward -Clubs £1,064.63
Balance brought forward - Development Groups £615.34
Building Society Interest - Clubs £15.24
Building Society Interest - Development Groups £8.81
Total £1,704.02
Clubs -
Website Development
Development Groups -
Bowls Festival Trophies £35.00
Balance carried forward - Clubs £1,079.87
Balance carried forward - Development Groups £589.15
Total £1,704.02

Sport Stockport
Receipts and Payments (Awards for All) 2010/2011
Awards for All balance brought forward £528.79
Building Society Interest £2.12
Total £530.91
Expenditure £0.00
Awards for All balance carried f/wd £530.91

Sport Stockport
Receipts and Payments (Annual Dinner) 2010/2011
Balance brought forward £554.75
Building Society Interest £6.57
Ticket Sales 2010 ££3,057.50
Heads and Tails and Raffle
Total £3,618.82
Menu and Programmes £139.83
Deanwater Hotel £2,911.60
MC £200.00
Trophies £89.95
Building Society c/fwd £277.44
Total £3,618.82