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Documents : Minutes 2010

Note taking

Sport Stockport

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 27th May 2010

In the Chair: Brenda Hopkins

1. Members in attendance:

Eddie Crabtree Stockport F.A.
Brian Whalley Stockport RUFC and Hazel Grove CC
Ron Linton Stockport Trampoline and DMT Club
Jeff Shaw Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club & Secretary Sport Stockport
Chris Waker Heaton Moor Hockey Club
Laura Mylotte Stockport Sports Trust
Jim Bennison Stockport Basketball
Andrea Boulton Stockport Hockey Development Group
Doreen Schofield Stockport & District Table Tennis League
Mandy Anderson Queensgate Football Club
Paul Smith Great Moor County JFC
John Hilliard ACE Amateur Boxing Club
Stuart Hogg Burnage RFC
Chris Glennon Hazel Grove Cricket Club
Brenda Hopkins Chair Sport Stockport
Colin Briscoe Stockport Basketball
Mike Bowe Marple Cricket and Squash Club
Stuart Lilly Brabyns Lawn Tennis Club
Gavin Roberts Stockport Sports Trust
Cathy Spencer Stockport Sports Partnership
David Jameson Spurley Hey FC
Marie Thornton Stockport Falcons
Mo Alqjaishat Stockport Falcons
John Sharples Stockport Lacrosse Club
Karen Bruce Stockport Falcons
Lisa Cantwell Stockport Spartans Basketball Club
Gail Meaden Stockport Spartans Basketball Club
Chris Waker Treasurer Sport Stockport
Mike Frost Dash Athletics Club
Tony Bryning Stockport Bowls Development Group
Julie Higham Stockport 2006 Cycle Speeedway Club
Mark Lockyear Stockport County Ladies FC
Samantha Barton Stockport Sports Trust
Ian Burnett Manchester Harriers Athletic Club

2. Apologies:

Bob Pigeon Bramhall Queensgate
June Platt Norbury Lacrosse Club
Clive Perrin Wilmslow Lacrosse Club
Lesley Cranwell O M Stop Yoga
Alan Dilkes Stockport Harriers & Athletics Club
Martin Read Mr Smith's Badminton Club
Malcolm Rowbotham Hazel Grove Cricket Club
Aldo Cervi Stockport Lapwing Basketball Club
Malcolm McPhail Stockport Sports Trust

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 27th May 2009 were taken as read and were approved.

4. Chair's Remarks:

First of all my I on behalf of my colleagues in Sport Stockport extend a warm welcome to you all and thank you for giving up your valuable time to attend this Annual General Meeting. I hope you will avail yourselves of the tea, coffee and biscuits and for those of you who would like something a bit stronger the club bar is open and available.

As has occurred in previous years our meeting is split into two parts. Firstly the business of the AGM and secondly two presentations.

Can I please confirm that you all have an agenda, minutes of last years' AGM, Treasurers report and Statement of accounts and a copy of our Constitution.

For those of you with internet access you will have been able to keep track of our activities over the last 12 months by logging onto the website and viewing the minutes of our meetings.

I will just highlight a few of the activities we have been engaged in on your behalf.

•  Proposals to make minor adjustments to our constitution were agreed at last years' AGM and these have now all been fully incorporated, these now require formal adoption.

•  Further development work has taken place with our website and we now have 107 clubs registered, increasing all the time.

•  We have purchased two 2.5M x 1M Sport Stockport banners that can be borrowed by any registered club if they are holding an event.

•  In October we began detailed discussions with Stockport Sports Trust to define the relationship between our two organisations and how by working together we could deliver on the Community Partnership Plan, still at that stage in draft format and provide a thriving voluntary sector sports infrastructure.

•  Key initiatives for Sport Stockport input will be on Coach Education, Volunteers, Club Development, Development Events and Co-ownership of World Class Performance.

•  In December Stockport Sports Trust appointed a Partnership Manager who now works very closely with Sport Stockport to deliver these key initiatives, but more about that later.

•  February saw the Visioning Day at Vernon Museum, open to all clubs and organisation to consult on the draft Community Partnership Plan in the expectation of its' launch in April 2010.

•  Our Annual Dinner this year took on a different format. This year the event embraced the Stockport Sports Awards, making the evening a marvellous celebration of sporting success in Stockport. Winners from six of the categories will go forward to represent Stockport in the Greater Manchester Sports Awards later in the year. These are Keri-anne Payne – Sports Achiever: Mia Fawley – Disabled Sports Achiever: Mike Frost from Manchester Harriers – Unsung Hero: Craig Armitage from Heaton Mersey Guild Lacrosse Club – Volunteer of the Year: Club of the Year went to Stockport Gymnastics and Coach of the Year was Aldo Cervi from Stockport Lapwing Basketball Club.

Keri-anne Payne also won the highly coveted Fred Perry Sports Personality of the Year.

Sport Stockport would not survive if it wasn't for the group of sports enthusiasts who give up their limited spare time to running the organisation. The additional support we are now receiving from Ian Dixon our Partnership Manager is paying dividends as you will see later on this evening.

Over the many decades that this group has functioned, we have seen people come and go, sadly for some, at the end of their lives and it would be remiss of me not to mention the sad loss in August last year of our one time treasurer, Ray Fox. A lovely man with a witty sense of humour, finally lost his battle with cancer.

Our Life President, Peter Howarth has suffered some ill health but in true Peter mode he never gives in and despite a serious spinal condition was able to join us for our Annual Dinner.

It's people like these who are the bedrock of the volunteering community in Stockport, dedicated, determined, focussed and Stockport should be hugely proud of the wealth of volunteers it has, willing and able to deliver sport at all levels to all people, helping to develop the health and wellbeing of the people of Stockport.

Brenda Hopkins - Chair Sport Stockport

5. Secretary's Report:

This year has seen a tremendous change in how Sport Stockport operates. Formerly we held regular meetings with elected representatives and officers of Stockport Borough Council but since the transfer of the Sports Development Team from SMBC to Stockport Sports Trust we now deal exclusively with the Trust. Ian Dixon has been appointed as the Sport Stockport Partnership Manager and works almost entirely on developing sporting activities amongst private sector clubs. We are also fortunate in being offered the services of the Sports Trust marketing officer who has been a tremendous help in designing and publishing various flyers and information sheets.

Stockport Sports Trust has developed during the year its Community Partnership Plan which contains 10 outcomes. This plan was prepared by inviting various interested parties to attend a ‘visioning day' where participants were encouraged to comment on the plan content and suggest additions and modifications to the proposals. One of these outcomes entitled ‘A thriving voluntary sector sports infrastructure' has been adopted as the main thrust for Sport Stockport to concentrate upon implementing. This outcome contains three main objectives

  • Improve the quality and provision of local clubs

  • Raise the profile of clubs

  • Increase the quantity of clubs and activities catered for

    These three objectives are subdivided into 11 direct actions. The presentation after the break will clarify some of the issues identified.

    As reported at last year's AGM the original website had undergone some changes in response to member comments as it was recognised that the collection and maintenance of the information relating to individual clubs was onerous to collect and update. Salford University developed a new website in an interactive format to allow clubs to enter and amend their own details with the ‘webmaster' having editorial control over the content. An on-line demonstration was given at last year's meeting. During the year some minor teething problems have been resolved and we now have a total of 111 clubs/organisations registered. To encourage clubs to register on the site and affiliate to Sport Stockport we are offering a free affiliation fee for 2010. Some clubs have taken advantage of the news item section of the website that enables them to publicise forthcoming events or sporting success stories.

    The Sport Stockport annual dinner was held at the Deanwater Hotel on 23rd April with an attendance of 130. This year the event was a joint effort between Sport Stockport and Stockport Sports Trust which enabled both the Sport Stockport awards and the Stockport Sports Awards to be presented on the same evening.

    The trophy winners were:

    Fred Perry Sports Personality of 2009 - Kerri-Anne Payne

    Sir Stanley Matthews Bio-Strath Trophy - Brian Costello

    Sport Stockport Young Achiever of the Year - Nathaniel Whiles

    Wilkinson Cup (swimming) - Dorothy Wallis

    Disabled Sports Achiever of the Year - Mia Fawley

    Club/Team of the Year - Stockport School of Gymnastics

    Volunteer of the Year - Craig Armitage

    Unsung Hero - Mike Frost

    Coach of the Year - Aldo Cervi

    Sports Achiever of the Year – Rising Star - Kerri-Anne Payne

    Alf Howarth Trophy (for Services to Cricket) - Alan Smith

    Soccer Saturday Personality- Dave Jameson

    As in previous years funding for local projects has been targeted at Sports Development Groups through the process set out in the Sport Development Community Fund (SDCF). Details of this year's grants are contained in the Treasurer's Report. In future different priorities are due to be introduced which are focussed at Club level aimed both to extend club activities and encourage coach development. A presentation of the proposals will be given after the break.

    During the year the Sport Stockport General Purposes Sub Committee has met on a monthly cycle and I am pleased to recognise and acknowledge the efforts put in on a voluntary basis by its members and my particular thanks go to our Chairman Brenda for her leadership and encouragement during this embryonic period of development.

    Jeff Shaw - Secretary Sport Stockport

6. Treasurer's Report

This has been the third year of the operation of the SDCF – Sport Development Community Fund – where Sport Stockport make recommendations to SMBC on the grants that should be made from the fund.

For the year 2009/2010, we recommended that the following awards be made

Athletics Development Group - £580 (£735)

Bowls Development Group - £624 (£930)

Hockey Development Group - £1,440 (£1,220)

Cricket Development Group - £1,350 (£1,300)

 (Amounts awarded in 2008/09 in brackets)

The financial activities undertaken by Sport Stockport this year have related to the Website development, administrative transactions, and to the Annual Dinner.

The number of affiliations this year was a disappointing 17 compared to 23 last year: however, as reported elsewhere, we do have over 100 clubs registered on the website. The changes in the arrangements for funding for clubs is intended to have a really positive impact on this, and so in future, the numbers should increase dramatically. Most of our expenditure has been on administration costs – postage, stationery and the existing website, with a small amount spent on new banners, and trophies for the annual Bowls Festival. The Annual Dinner this year ran at a slight loss, funded from the small reserves that we have. As (probably) already mentioned – and hopefully noticed! – the Sport Stockport and the Authority's Annual Awards have been amalgamated into one event, and next year's promises to be a different affair!

Overall we remain financially sound. The transfer of Sports development to the Sports Trust has lead to changes in the arrangements for funding amateur sport in Stockport . The payment of grants will be administered, as this year, through the Sports Trust, based on the recommendations of the Sport Stockport. The good news is that – certainly for the year 2010/2011 – the amount made available to us has significantly increased.

Finally, I would like thank Denis Lowe for again auditing the accounts in a speedy and timely manner: he has not been able to attend tonight because of a prior commitment at the Bridgewater Hall, sends his apologies, and extends his best wishes to all. I am grateful to him for completing the task swiftly, and would like to ask you all to show your appreciation to him for this. He also asked me to say that he is willing to continue to do so for another year. Thank you, Denis.

Chris Waker - Treasurer Sport Stockport

7. Election of Officers

Nominations received for the various positions on the Sports Council were voted on and the following were duly elected
President B Peter Howarth
Chair Brenda Hopkins
Vice Chair Brian Whalley
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
Auditor Dennis Lowe
General Purposes Sub Committee
Chair Brian Whalley
Vice Chair Brenda Hopkins
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
  Yvonne Spurrell
  Doreen Schofield
  Ron Linton
  Eddie Crabtree
  Lawrence Marsland
  Ian Burnett
  Jim Bennison
Partnership Manager Ian Dixon

8. Constitution

No proposals were made to revise the Constitution.

Financial Appendices

    Starting     Year end  
    Balance Expenditure Income Balance  
General Administration A £1,420.47 £1,113.53 £187.33 £494.27  
Cash in Hand B £8.24 £0.00 £0.00 £8.24  
Grants C £3,410.39 £1,754.00 £23.58 £1,679.97  
Dinner D £839.04 £2,958.40 £2,674.11 £554.75  
Awards for All E £524.24 £0.00 £4.55 £528.79  
National Savings Account F £3,219.63 £0.00 £8.56 £3,228.19  
Total   £9,422.01 £5,825.93 £2,898.13 £6,494.21  














Balance brought forward   £1,420.47  
Affiliation Fees (17 Clubs)   £175.00  
SMBC Grant      
Building Society Interest   £12.33  
AGM Refreshments/Room Hire, Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club £70.00  
Promotional Materials - Advert, Pens and Banners   £964.38  
Website Maintenance   £22.99  
Stationery & Postage   £56.16  
Building Society Balance c/fwd   £494.27  
Cash in Hand b/fwd   £8.24  
Stamps   £0.00  
Cash in Hand c/fwd   £8.24  

























Balance brought forward - Clubs   £2,770.47
Balance brought forward - Development Groups   £639.92
Building Society Interest - Clubs   £19.16
Building Society Interest - Development Groups   £4.42
Clubs -    
Website Development   £1,725.00
Development Groups:-    
Bowls Development Group   £29.00
Balance carried forward - Clubs   £1,064.63
Balance carried forward - Development Groups   £615.34
Total   £3,433.97
















Awards for All Income Balance brought forward   £524.24
Building Society Interest   £4.55








Balance brought forward   £839.04
Building Society Interest   £5.11
Ticket Sales 2009   £2,325.00
Heads and Tails, and Raffle Income   £344.00
Menu/Programmes   £155.00
Deanwater Hotel   £2,061.45
Speaker   £500.00
MC   £100.00
Prizes   £75.00
Trophies   £66.95
Building Society c/fwd   £554.75