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Documents : Minutes 2008

Note taking

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 29th May 2008

In the Chair: Brenda Hopkins

1. Members in attendance:

Eddie Crabtree Stockport F.A.
Neil Bardsley Sport Development - SMBC
Brian Whalley Stockport RUFC and Hazel Grove CC
Malcolm McPhail Stockport Sports Trust
Ray Fox Cheadle Angling Club
Ron Linton Stockport Trampoline and DMT Club
Yvonne Spurrell Bowls Development Group
Jeff Shaw Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club
John Curzon SRUFC
Mel Pomfret Stockport District Football Association
Mike Healey Stockport School of Gymnastics
Jim Bennison Stockport Basketball
Andrea Boulton Stockport Hockey Development Group
Alan Dilkes Stockport Harriers
Lawrence Marsland

Stockport Georgians FC, Mellor Cricket Club, D&C Cricket League

Geo Newcombe Stockport Georgians FC
Richard Brown English Schools FA
Tony Bryning Stockport Bowls Development Group
June Levy Greave Tennis Club
Ian Burnett Manchester Harriers Athletic Club
Cathy Spencer SMBC
Barry Livesey Stockport Cricket Club
Sean Dillon SMBC

2. Apologies:

Chris Waker Heaton Moor Hockey Club
Doreen Schofield Stockport Table Tennis Association
Cllr Shan Alexander Norman Hudson
Peter Howarth  

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 31st May 2007 were taken as read and were approved.

4. Chair's Remarks:

It's already two years since I was installed as Chair of this Group and time has flown by. Our American allies are entering the final furlong in their run up to electing their next leader and this process has taken close to two years - so can I suggest that we take a leaf out of their book and begin thinking about a new chair.

Looking back over the year and reviewing the comments from last year's AGM


Sterling work by all agencies involved in the Alliance. If you've heard of the programme Relocation, Relocation, Reloaction, this is what Sport England has done with the goalposts. Still waiting for the green light on stage two approval.


These sports are already represented on the General Purposes Sub Committee. Hockey, athletics, cricket, bowls, football, trampolining, table tennis, rugby and lawn tennis. Four sports Development Groups are represented but we still need to widen the net to embrace other sports and encourage, with the support of Sports Development more group to become active.

WEBSITE - power point demonstration to follow


Tremendous achievements and quality of candidates in all 6 categories - congratulations to Jim Bennison who became the Greater Manchester unsung hero representing basket ball.


A new award for 'Young Achiever of the Year' was created this year sponsored by Sport Stockport. The worthy winner was Hannah Whelan.

Sir Stanley Matthews Trophy - Jim Bennison

Fred Perry Trophy - Nina Dearman

To conclude I would like to offer my sincere thanks to my colleagues in Sport Stockport who give freely of their time. To colleagues in Sport Development, Stockport MBC and Stockport Sports Trust for their support.

Whilst we may not always agree on everything we all have one objective and that is to the Development, accessibility and sustainability of sport in Stockport for all.

Brenda Hopkins - Chair Sport Stockport

5. Secretary's Report:

At the AGM in May 2007 the name was changed from Stockport Sports Council to that of Sport Stockport.   This was to identify that Sport Stockport was not an offshoot of Stockport MBC but an independent body representing the sporting interests of Clubs and organisations within the Stockport borough area.

The website has been undergoing development during the last 12 months but it became apparent that the cataloguing and updating of   details of all the sports clubs within Stockport was a mammoth task which could not be maintained with the resources available. It was agreed that the website should be updated to incorporate user interfaces which would enable Clubs to enter and update their own records (subject to editorial overview) and also allow Clubs to apply on line for grants etc.   This work is still under development by Salford University and examples will be shown later as a power point presentation.

It has been mentioned that currently Sport Stockport does not have a logo (formerly it was SSC but perhaps using SS is a little too controversial).   We will continue to seek a new logo which will be incorporated into the new website.   Any suggestions would be most welcome.

During the year Sport Stockport representatives have met with the Borough Council and Stockport Sports Trust to discuss items of mutual interest.   One of the main issues was a report by the Audit Commission on the provision of sport within the borough.   The Audit Commission report was somewhat critical of the Borough Council who were required to submit proposals for improvement ..   These proposals were shared with Sport Stockport who were asked to submit comments back for consideration.   One of the main suggestions is to incorporate the Boroughs Sport Development Team into the Sports Trust.   This matter is still ongoing.

Sport Stockport has been represented on the Stockport Partnership Forum who have held discussion on the future development of Stockport up to the year 2012.   The outcome from these meetings has been fed into the Stockport Local Development Plan which is submitted to the government.

SPAA submission has now reached Stage 2 but has hit a backlog of other submissions at Sport England.   It is anticipated that no decision will be made for another couple of months. The bid from Stockport which is on a 2:1 funding base will, if accepted, attract £800k into the borough.

The Sport Stockport annual dinner was again held at the Deanwater Hotel during April.   Numbers were slightly down this year at 103 but an excellent evening was had by all who attended.   This year Sport Stockport introduced a new trophy for a ‘young achiever'.   This was aimed at young persons under the age of 18 who have made considerable   contributions to sport within the borough.   It is not just limited to performing well in a particular sporting activity but could be for coaching, mentoring or other sport related activities.   The first recipient was Hannah Whelan a 15 year old gymnast who is likely to be included in the 2012 olympic squad.   It is always a pleasure to see what talent there is within our borough and this is brought home very clearly by the excellence of the shortlisted candidates for the awards.  

The trophy winners were:

Fred Perry Sports Personality of 2007 - Nina Dearman

Sir Stanley Matthews Bio- Strath Trophy - Jim Bennison 

Sport Stockport Young Achiever of the Year - Hannah Whelan

Wilkinson Cup (swimming) - Jane Cheshire

Disability Forum Trophy - Daniel Pepper

Alf Howarth Trophy (for Services to Cricket) - James Duffy

Soccer Saturday Personality - Dave Callaghan

Next year's dinner Friday 27th March 2009

During the year the method of allocating grants to the Sport Development Groups has changed.   The grants are now known as the Stockport Sport Development Community Fund awards (SDCF for short).   The first grants which were for the financial year 2007/8 were not distributed until February 2008 which caused us some embarrassment and the Development Groups some difficulty in being able to spend the money before 31 March.   This years allocations have just been made which does give Groups more scope for spending the funds during the financial year.   Previously the money was paid to the Sports Council who then distributed it.   The new arrangements are that Sport Stockport make recommendations to the Council who then pay out the monies directly to the recipients.   The applications received this round approached £9000 of which £5000 was made available in the SMBC budget.

Finally it is hoped that in the near future a Development Group will be set up to represent table tennis which will bring the total up to 7.

Jeff Shaw - Secretary Sport Stockport

6. Treasurer's Report

First of all, if you are having to read this tonight, it's because I cannot be here, for which I apologise.   My work took me to Birmingham today, and my absence means I'm still travelling back.

This has been the first year of the operation of the SCDF – Sport Community Development Fund – where Sport Stockport make recommendations to SMBC on the grants that should be made from the fund, rather than making the grants directly.   You will perhaps recall that this was taken to satisfy SMBC audit requirements, and (although yet to be tested fully) to increase the size of the pot.

For the year 2007/08, we recommended that the following amounts be paid, which they duly were –

Athletics Development Group           - £578.75,

Bowls Development Group               - £1,340

Hockey Development Group            - £1,910

Basketball Development Group       - £200

As a result of the responsibility for paying the grants moving to SMBC, the financial activities undertaken by Sport Stockport have been limited in the main to administrative transactions, and to the Annual Dinner.

We have this year increased the number of affiliations from 23 to 27 which is a positive move, and one which I hope will be improved upon this year, with the enhancement of the website, more of which later.   Most of our expenditure has been an administration costs – postage, stationery and the existing website, with a small amount spent on trophies for the annual Bowls Festival.   The Annual Dinner manages to just about breakeven, but there is no doubt that we do miss the sponsorship from CedarHealth.

Overall though, financially we are reasonably healthy – which is just as well, because we do need to pay for the work that has been undertaken on the development of the website, which you can see in the papers you have.   We have engaged the services of EDInteractive, a company based within Salford University , to build the website for us, and we are very close to moving from the old to the new.

And finally, I would like thank Denis Lowe for auditing the accounts:   for a variety of reasons, I left it very late to get them to him, but as ever, he has come up trumps, and I am grateful to him for completing the task so swiftly – just three days!   Thank you, Denis.

Chris Waker - Treasurer Sport Stockport

7. Election of Officers

Nominations received for the various positions on the Sports Council were voted on and the following were duly elected
President B Peter Howarth
Chair Brenda Hopkins
Vice Chair Brian Whalley
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
Auditor Dennis Lowe
General Purposes Sub Committee
Chair Brian Whalley
Vice Chair Brenda Hopkins
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
  Yvonne Spurrell
  Doreen Schofield
  Ron Linton
  Eddie Crabtree
  Lawrence Marsland
SMBC Rep: Patrick Bailey
Executive Committee
Sport Stockport  
Chair Brenda Hopkins
Vice Chair Brian Whalley
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
Exec Member Cllr Shan Alexander
Asst. Director Leisure Norman Hudson
Education Russ Boaler
  Cathy Spencer
Sport Development Gavin Roberts
Stockport Sports Trust Malcolm McPhail

8. Constitution

A proposal was made to revise some aspects of the Constitution. All proposed changes were approved.

9. Funding Opportunities:

The Chair welcomed Neil Bardsley and Sean Dillon from Stockport Borough Council who gave a presentation on funding streams available to amateur sports clubs.

10. Stockport Sports Trust:

Malcolm McPhail gave an interesting presentation on the future proposals and aspirations of the Stockport Sports Trust.