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Stockport Sports

Documents : Minutes 2007

Note taking

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 31st May 2007

In the Chair: Brenda Hopkins

1. Members in attendance:

Chris Waker Heaton Moor Hockey Club
Norman Allen Norbury Church Bowling Club
Eddie Crabtree Stockport F.A.
Neil Bardsley Sport Development - SMBC
Brian Whalley Stockport RUFC and Hazel Grove CC
Ray Fox Cheadle AC
Ron Linton Stockport Trampoline and DMT Club
Jonny Cowan Bellevue Sports/Athletic Club
Yvonne Spurrell Bowls Development Group
Jeff Shaw Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club
John Curzon SRUFC
Malcolm Rowbotham Hazel Grove CC
Mel Pomfret Stockport District Football Association
Mike Healey Stockport School of Gymnastics
Dennis Lowe Auditor
Beryl Tysoe Greave Tennis Club
Gavin Roberts Stockport MBC
Martin Goddard Greave Tennis Club
Malcolm Oswald West Heaton Bowling & Tennis Club
Jim Bennison Stockport Basketball
Andrea Getcheffsky Stockport Hockey Development Group
Phil Habershon Cheadle & Gatley JFC
Bob Taylor Cheadle & Gatley JFC
Doreen Schofield Stockport Table Tennis Association

2. Apologies:

Alan Dilkes Lawrence Marsland
Jim Levy Robert Smith
Tony Bryning Norman Hudson
Cllr Shan Alexander Peter Howarth

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 1st June 2006 were taken as read and were approved.

4. Chair's Remarks:

The Chair referred to the retirement of John Howarth from the Stockport Sports Trust and welcomed his successor Malcolm McPhail. The retirement of Peter Howarth was also announced. Lawrence Marsland also retired as Secretary to the Sports Council. The Chair commended the excellent work that had been undertaken over the years by all three individuals.

Councillor Shan Alexander has taken over the Portfolio for Sport within the Borough Council.

A new process had been agreed with SMBC for funding projects.

A Sports Council representative sits on the SPAA Board and it was also noted that there is a need for better liaison with the Sport Development Groups.

There is a need to carry out a detailed audit of sport within the Borough. In fact what have we got overall?

The Annual Dinner held at the Deanwater Hotel had been very successful with a slightly different format this year.

Peter Howarth (long standing former Chair of the Sports Council) was presented with the Sir Stanley Matthews Trophy for his services as Chair of Hazel Grove Football Club for 50 years. The Sports Council had presented Peter with an ink drawing of Astbury Village (his home village) in recognition of his dedication to promoting sporting activities within the Borough.

It was recognised that there is a need to improve communications with Clubs and particularly with the Sport Development Groups and incorporate their input into Sports Council meetings.

Finally the Chair endorsed the view that we must embrace the SPAA initiative that was in the process of being introduced.

5. Secretary's Report:

A vote of thanks was given to Brenda Hopkins and Yvonne Spurrell for organising an excellent evening at the Deanwater Hotel, Woodford at which various awards were presented.

The Secretary reported on activities carried out during the year

A vote of thanks was proposed to Lawrence Marsland for his work as Secretary over the years.

6. Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer reported that 23 Clubs were currently affiliated to the Sports Council.

An explanation was given regarding the new funding arrangements. It was confirmed that applications should be made through the appropriate Development Group and must be supported with a development plan. The Development Group will forward the proposals for consideration.

Clubs not in a Development Group need to fill in an individual form which is available from Alex Heritage - Sports Development at Stockport MBC (Tel.No. 0161 474 4434) or by email to

The Treasurer confirmed that the timetable for applications needs to be clarified and also that individual clubs should not be disadvantaged by Development Group applications

The criteria for project funding were agreed jointly between the Sports Council and SMBC they are NOT the Borough Council's criteria.

Thanks were proposed to Dennis Lowe for auditing the accounts.

7. Election of Officers

Nominations received for the various positions on the Sports Council were voted on and the following were duly elected

President B Peter Howarth
Chair Brenda Hopkins
Vice Chair Brian Whalley
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
Auditor Dennis Lowe
General Purposes Sub Committee
Chair Brian Whalley
Vice Chair Brenda Hopkins
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
  Yvonne Spurrell
  Doreen Schofield
  Ron Linton
  Eddie Crabtree
  Lawrence Marsland
SMBC Rep: Patrick Bailey
Executive Committee
Sport Stockport  
Chair Brenda Hopkins
Vice Chair Brian Whalley
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
Exec Member Cllr Shan Alexander
Asst. Director Leisure Norman Hudson
Education Russ Boaler
  Cathy Spencer
Sport Development Gavin Roberts
Stockport Sports Trust Malcolm McPhail

8. Constitution

A proposal was made to change the name of the Stockport Sports Council to Sport Stockport. This was proposed to help improve communications and reinforce the view that the Sports Council is not an offshoot of SMBC. The proposal was agreed.

A question was raised whether advance notice should have been given to change the constitution. This needs to be checked out and if necessary an Extra Ordinary General Meeting will need to be called. Also the name needs to be checked out with Sport England to ensure that there are no conflicting inferences.


The Chair welcomed Jonny Cowan from Greater Manchester Sports Partnership who outlined the current position with the Stockport Sport and Physical Activity Alliance (SPAA) based upon a single system for sport covering a local strategic partnership.

There are 10 SPAA's within Greater Manchester based upon the 10 Metropolitan Council Districts.

Targets set by the Government are to raise participation rates in sporting activity by 1% per annum.

He posed the question of what does Stockport need funding for and the representative bodies on the SPAA were being asked to submit proposals for consideration.