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Stockport Sports

Documents : 12/06/2008

Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held at

Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Clubl

Thursday 12th June 2008

In the Chair: Brian Whalley (BW)

1. Members in attendance:

Brenda Hopkins (BH)
Eddie Crabtree (EC)
Jeff Shaw (JS)
Chris Waker (CW)
Ian Burnett (IB)

2. Apologies:

Doreen Schofield (DS)
Yvonne Spurrell (YS)
Pat Bailey (PB)
Ron Linton (RL)
Lawrence Marsland (LM)

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held on Thursday 8 May 2008 together with those from Wednesday 14th May 2008 were presented and accepted as a true record.

4. Matters arising:

In respect of the item relating to proposed increases in water rates it was reported that 2 clubs had received inflated bills. They had paid the first installment then challenged the valuation. Both clubs had received substantial reductions.

It was noted that calcualtions for increases in rates are based on the area of hard surfaces that drain into the public sewers and not on the overall area of the sites which include playing fields and pitches.

5. Secretary's Report:

Nominations had been received from SMBC for Councillors appointed to the Stockport Sports Forum. It was agreed that the nominated mambers should be invited to attend the next AGM.

6. Treasurer's Report:

CW repotred that he had received a number of affiliation forms. The Annual Dinner had made a loss of £100.

7. Stockport Sport Development Community Fund:

JS reported that 3 agreements had been returned from Bowls, Athletics and Cricket Development Groups.

A discussion took place on the proposals for monies held in the 'kitty'. It was stated that there will be an outstanding charge for the development of the website and also consideration could be given to 'topping up' Development Group monies. It was agreed to hold the matter in abeyance for the present. It was considered that the Development Groups could apply to the various funding streams identified by Sean Dillon at the AGM for additional funding if required.

8. AGM Matters:

Date for the 2009 AGM fixed for Thursday 28th May 2009 at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club. Action: JS to publish on website.


No further progress on the Stage 2 approval.

JS reported that the Sport England Strategy Document for 2008-2011 had been published on the website.

10. Stockport Sports Trust:

Meeting posponed due to Scrutiny Review by SMBC. The next Board Meeting will be held on 27th July which will be the AGM.

11. Executive Meeting Report:

BH and BW repoted on the Executive Meeting held on Wednesday 4th June 2008.

A copy of the agreement to allow Stockport FA and Schools FA to hold 2 matches at Stockport County Ground was requested. Copy of annual audit of money awarded to Stockport County by SMBS requested. Current charges for sporting activities in the borough requested. Action: JS to contact Gavin Roberts

12. Website:

A discussion took place on the draft proposals for the new website which had been produced in hard copy format. It was agreed that various sections would be reviewed and discussed in detail at the next meeting. It was planned to publish the website by the end of July.

13. Any Other Business:

IB reported that SMBC had failed to mark out the athletics track.

It was repoted that Development Groups do not seem to have any representation from the Parks Dept.

William Scholes project to start soon.

Bradshaw Hall start planned for August.

14. Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday 14th July 2008 at Brenda Hopkin's Offices. Address 48C Middle Hillgate, Stockport.

The meeting closed at 9:45 p.m.