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Documents : 03/05/2007

Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held at

Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 3rd May 2007

In the Chair: Brian Whalley

1. Members in attendance:

Brenda Hopkins (BH)
Ron Linton (RL)
Yvonne Spurrell (YS)
Doreen Schofield (DS)
Lawrence Marsland (LM)
Chris Waker (CW)

2. Apologies:

Eddie Crabtree (EC)
Jeff Shaw (JS)

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held on Thursday 22nd February 2007 were agreed as a true record. Proposed RL seconded YS.

4. Matters arising:

Grant Aid: Re-distribute documents A-D to GP Members. Action is to chase the Local Authority for the list of Development Group contacts. Need something on the website to describe the application process.

Website: long discussion about content and have we given JS clear brief on what to include.

Communications with Clubs is still a major problem. 130 invitations have gone out re. the AGM lets see what the response is.

5. Annual Dinner:

BH gave a review with the general concensus that the event with its slightly different format was a success.

6. Finance:

2 affiliations already paid. Dinner expense/income not yet concluded. There will be some funds left over once SMBC take over administration of grant aid.

7. Any Other Business:

Manchester Harriers container appeal. Why was planning permission turned down - YS to check with LA.

North Reddish Action Group. BH to send letter.

Marple Cricket Club. Letter to say to apply through Development Group.

Cheadle Hulme Sports Centre. RL reported that an accident had happened to a member of the Cheadle Trampoline Club (broken foot). RL asked individual for a written statement. Until this is received no action will be taken by SSC.

Annual Dinner for 2008 is confirmed as April 18th 2008 probably at the Deanwater - the date can be put onto the website.

8. Date of Next Meeting:

To be arranged.

Meeting closed at 9.50 p.m.