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Stockport Sports

Documents : 01/02/2007

Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held at

Stockport Town Hall

Thursday 1st February 2007

In the Chair: Brian Whalley

1. Members in attendance:

Brenda Hopkins (BH)
Ron Linton
Yvonne Spurrell (YS)
Alex Heritage (AH)
Doreen Schofield (DS)

2. Apologies:

Eddie Crabtree (EC)
Neil Bardsley (NB)
Jeff Shaw (JS)
Chris Waker (CW)
Laurence Marsland (LM)

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 15 November 2006 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising:

Letter to North Reddish Action Group outsatnding waiting further information from Local Authority.

Letter outstanding to Marple Cricket Club re: application for funding.

BH has agreement from LA to place Executive minutes onto the website, this will commence from February meeting.

BH reported that Peter Howarth is feeling much better though his shoulder is far from 100%. He and Hilda have accepted an invitation to the dinner as our guests.

5. Correspondance:

Letter from Deanwater confirming the booking for April 20th 2007 .

6. Grant Aid Criteria - Renamed Stockport Development Community Fund:

The 10 points from the essential criteria were discussed,

•  Points 1-5 agreed

•  Point 6 proof of address not required

•  Points 7-8 agreed

•  Point 9 would be helpful to show some examples

•  Point 10 AH agreed to draft the Terms and Conditions for comment

The scored criteria were accepted subject to the note ‘where applicable'

AH agreed to have the document revised and also to redraft the application form to reflect these new criteria.

There was also discussion surrounding the timescale and it was greed that applications, allocations and spending must occur in a financial year April-March. It was therefore agreed that there could be only one allocation of funds per year.

Timescale as follows:

•  SDCF applications received by end April 07

•  SSC/SD review and decision by end May, applicants notified

•  Funds released June 07

•  SDCF applications for 2008/09 budget to be received by February 2008

•  SSC/SD review, decision and notification by March 2008

• Applicant evidence report by April 2008 on 07/08 allocation

It was agreed that the simplified overview of Stockport Sports Council, how it interfaces with other agencies in Stockport and its' role can only be ratified at the next AGM.

7. Annual Dinner - Sports Personality of the Year:

BH had asked AH if critiques on all the Sports Award nominees could be available so that they could be considered alongside any other nominations that may come forward.

AH will provide this information by Wednesday 7th February and BH will collate all nominations and send these out to GP Sub members, to deliberate at home and return their adjudications to BH by Monday 19th February in order that a short list can be drawn up in time for the next GP Sub meeting.

Sports Development, as always will be included in this process.

8. Stockport Sports Trust:

BH informed the meeting of the new General Manager to replace John Howarth. Mr. Malcolm McPhail will take up post on 2nd April 2007 .

9. Any Other Business:

Eddie Crabtree had requested an up to date contact list, BH to arrange for all members.

AH announced that Sports Development is into its next period of modernisation and Mr. Pat Bailey has been appointed as full time development officer with special responsibilities to development groups. The next GP Sub meeting will be attended by Neil Bardsley and Pat with all future ones attended by Pat only. A newsletter will be distributed in February and the press coverage continues to improve

10. Date of Next Meeting:

Thursday 22nd February 2007 at 7.30pm venue to be confirmed.

With no other business the meeting closed at 9.10 pm