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Stockport Sports

Documents : 14/01/2009

Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held at TRiBOURNE Catering Services Ltd Wednesday 14th January 2009

In the Chair: Brian Whalley (BW)

1. Members in attendance:

Yvonne Spurrell (YS) 
Brenda Hopkins (BH) 
Jeff Shaw (JS) 
Chris Waker (CW) 
Eddie Crabtree (EC) 
Sam Barton (SB) 

2. Apologies:

Doreen Schofield (DS) 
Pat Bailey (PB) 
Lawrence Marsland (LM) 
Ron Linton (RL) 
Ian Burnett (IB) 

3. Correspondance:

A letter had been received from Tony Bryning enquiring about additional grant funding.

Action: JS to advise application premature.

4. Annual Dinner:

BH advised that the date of the Annual Dinner fixed for Friday 27th March clashed with the dinner for Greater Manchester awards. It was agreed to investigate whether an alternative date could be arranged and the proposal was for Friday 24th April.

Action: Contact speaker - BH. Contact Jane Hodson - YS. Contact Deanwater Hotel - YS.

5. Website:

It was agreed to proceed with a pilot version of the new site. Funds are available for the development undertaken to date. We need to agree a date for the launch and arrange publicity.

Action: CW to contact Graeme to progress the work.

JS asked about a new letter heading style/logo and it was suggested that we could use the banner from the header pages of the website.

Action: Need to obtain an image of the banner from Graeme.

6. Sports Development:

SB advised that it was more than likely that the Sports Development staff of the Council would be moving over to Stockport Sports Trust with effect from 1st April 2009. A discussion ensued on the future role that Sport Stockport could play in the future when links with the Council were effectively severed. It was considered that the role of Sport Stockport should move towards assisting developing the wellbeing of the community rather than concentrating on sport specific issues. Past actions have been sport specific but this role has been overtaken by events. There is a desperate need to re-launch ourselves if we wish to survive in the new environment. It was considered that a further meeting is needed with Malcolm McPhail now that the future of Sports Development has been clarified.

Action: JS to arrange meeting ASAP.

7. Stockport Sport Development Community Fund:

A question was raised about the future funding (if any) of the SDCF grants.

Action: JS to make enquiries.

8. Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held following the meeting with Stockport Sports Trust. Members to be advised of the time and venue.

The meeting closed at 9:00 p.m.